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AOMEI MyRecover (formerly AOMEI Data Recovery for Windows) is a comprehensive Windows data recovery software designed to rescue lost or deleted files in various scenarios.

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Our Review About MyRecover

MD Shahariar Jaman Siam MD Shahariar Jaman Siam 26, Dec 2023

Data loss can be a heart-stopping experience. Whether it's accidentally deleted files, a corrupted hard drive, or a ransomware attack, losing valuable data can leave you feeling helpless. That's where data recovery software like AOMEI MyRecover comes in. But is it a knight in shining armor, or just another knight-mare?

AOMEI MyRecover: A Free Knight with Sharp Tools

MyRecover is a free data recovery software from AOMEI, a well-known brand in the backup and recovery space. It boasts a user-friendly interface and powerful scanning algorithms to recover lost data from various scenarios:

  • Deleted files: Recovers accidentally deleted files, even from the Recycle Bin.
  • Formatted drives: Retrieves data from formatted hard drives, SSDs, and USB drives.
  • Lost partitions: Restores lost or deleted partitions and recovers data stored on them.
  • System crashes: Undelete files after a system crash or virus attack.

The Quest for Lost Data: Ease of Use

MyRecover shines in its user-friendly interface. Even tech novices can navigate the three-step recovery process:

  1. Select location: Choose the drive or partition where you lost your data.
  2. Scan mode: Pick "Quick Scan" for fast recovery of recently deleted files or "Deep Scan" for more thorough recovery of lost and formatted data.
  3. Preview and recover: Review the scan results and select the files you want to recover.

The software provides clear instructions and helpful tips throughout the process, making it accessible for everyone.

The Spoils of Victory: Recovery Success Rate

MyRecover's scanning algorithms are surprisingly effective. In my tests, it successfully recovered most of the deleted files I threw at it, including text documents, photos, and videos. The Deep Scan also yielded good results for recovering formatted data, although the success rate depends heavily on the level of data corruption.

But Wait, There's a Dragon: The Free vs. Paid Dilemma

While the free version impresses, it comes with limitations. You can only recover up to 2GB of data, and advanced features like partition recovery and bootable media creation are locked behind the paywall. This can be frustrating if you need to recover large amounts of data or have complex data loss scenarios.

The Verdict: A Worthy Companion, But Not a Solo Savior

AOMEI MyRecover is a fantastic free data recovery tool for basic needs. Its user-friendly interface, powerful scanning algorithms, and decent recovery success rate make it a great first line of defense against data loss. However, its limitations in the free version might require you to consider paid alternatives for complex data loss situations.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Final Quest: For a more comprehensive data recovery solution, consider upgrading to AOMEI MyRecover Pro or exploring other data recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery. Remember, data loss prevention is always better than data recovery, so invest in regular backups to keep your data safe!


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